Product Updates

Our product and engineering teams are constantly shipping great updates to our product. On this page, we'll post monthly highlights of some of those new features. For a more granular view of product changes, you can always check the release notes in our Changelog.

January Updates

Jan 31, 2024

Jan 31, 2024

📈 Demo Data in Test Mode

New users are now greeted with demo data upon onboarding, featuring sample offers, merchants, and orders. This will help new users get familiar with the dashboard before they've begun to build their own merchant network and process orders.

Demo data is clearly tagged to distinguish it from real user data, aiding in familiarization with the platform.

📋 Estimate Cart Without Creating a Cart

The Estimate Cart endpoint provides estimated totals and available shipping methods for combinations of SKUs and shipping addresses.

It is ideal for debugging issues in carts, and especially useful for identifying SKU availability problems in certain regions or lack of shipping methods for specific addresses.

Confirm Shipping Location: Get a shipping response from an address before starting checkout.

Fail Early: Know if the cart will fail, or if a certain value you need in your cart won’t be present before starting the flow.

Troubleshooting: Replicate other cart errors you’ve faced to see if errors prior to cart creation can improve the experience.

Less Clean Up: Get Cart Data without Building a Cart that needs to be deleted later.

Recent Updates

Dec 31, 2023

Dec 31, 2023

📊 Overview Analytics in Channel Dashboard

Simplified Analytics: Understand your violet performance without needing specialized analytics resources using tools on the Dashboard Overview Page.

Enhanced Metrics: Get insights on Average Commission Rate, GMV, Revenue, AOV, ABG (Average Bag Value), and more.

Merchant Insights: Easily identify top performers, new merchants, and those needing attention.

🔄 Parity Across Merchants and Events

Merchant Parity: Ensure all store information is accurate (name, address, category, etc).

Catalog Parity: Advanced, behind-the-scenes consistency checks to make sure that product details are accurate and up to date - without relying on data scraping.

Order Parity: More accurate and trustworthy data than most of the platforms provide out of the box, including accurate data on refunds. 

🔗  Web hook Events:

Timeline Navigation: Easily navigate the timeline of your events in Violet.

Detailed Tracking: We send millions of webhooks and now you can keep track, sort, and search them by event type, providing a comprehensive view of the activity in your marketplace.

Debugging Made Easy: View detailed logs of merchant interactions, including webhook status, sent and received data, and direct links to offers. 

🤝 Wix and Commerce Tools Checkout Integrations

Onboard any of over 800,000 new merchants (across the two platforms)

Sync Catalogs in Violet's unified data schema 

Orchestrate checkout and write orders back to both platforms

Order Updates: Get web hooks for post order events

📚 Mintlify Docs Migration: Our documentation has moved to Mintlify.  

The Interactive API Reference allows you to learn how to build a multi-merchant marketplace and leave feedback on pages you like or don’t like.

LLM Powered Search creates a more efficient experience where you can directly ask questions to our docs themselves.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance our product and enable more seamless cross platform commerce for your marketplace!